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RWBY: Afterlife - Chapter 1 - Another Morning
            Another morning in the Elysium.
            Pyrrha woke up, expecting another day as usual. She stretched, yawned, and let her eyes adjust to the bright light of the sun.
            Pyrrha had spent a few weeks in the Elysium after dying to Cinder’s attack. Oddly enough, Roman was there to guide her around when she arrived. She decided that she might as well get used to it, since it would be an eternity until the gate opened and she could leave. She got to talk to Penny, and even though she missed Jaune all was going well until…
            …she saw that Cinder was in her bed, and probably slept with her the whole night.
            “…aaaAAAGH WHAT THE HELL?!” she screamed, springing int
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Encouragement by Thesnakerox Encouragement :iconthesnakerox:Thesnakerox 2 0
#SaveMillyFromTheMaycaw - Chapter 8
            “Ugh…what happened? Where am I?” Ender sat up and rubbed his head.
            “Ender! You’re awake!” Hilly squealed, and she threw her arms around him. She made sure not to disturb the IV in his arm.
            “Whoa, I’m not quite ready for that just yet,” Ender said. “I’m still a little dizzy. Can you guys tell me what happened?”
            “I’m sure you know about the virus that is found in areas populated with Maycaws,” Phoebe began. “Well, exactly two weeks ago, you blacked out from it.”
            “Phoebe managed to find a cure a few nights ago,” Misha continued. “If you inject the white cells of
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#SaveMillyFromTheMaycaw - Chapter 7
            ENTRY 2 - 1 day since blackout, day.
            I’ve started extracting the antibody that works against the pathogen from my blood. I’m trying my best to isolate it, but knowing what’s on the line it’s quickly become mentally exhausting. Misha is insisting that I take a break, but I can’t do that. If I want to have any hope of getting the cure, I need to press on.
            ENTRY 3 - 1 day since blackout, night.
            Hilly called to ask what’s happening, and Aileen gave her all the details. She really wants to return home so she can help, but she knows what Ender wants. She’s going to find the colony.
            I’m wondering what to do if the experiments are a fai
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#SaveMillyFromTheMaycaw - Chapter 6
     Hilly was hanging upside down from a tree branch, asleep. She had originally intended to stay in a hotel room for the night, but in the end she decided that she could spare the extra comfort for just one day. It was about 22:00 in the home time zone when her radio transceiver started fizzing and crackling. She woke up and switched it on.
    “Hey guys. Is something wrong?”
    Aileen was on the other end. “Hilly, Ender was infected by an unknown pathogen. He started experiencing symptoms right when you left, and at about 21:50 he lost consciousness after experiencing massive chest pains. He’s in bed now, and he’s shown no signs of waking up.”
    Hilly gasped. “That sounds really serious! Should I go back so I can help you take care of him?”
    “No, he insisted that you keep trying to find the colony. Those were his last words before he blacked out.
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#SaveMillyFromTheMaycaw - Chapter 5
    It had been a few days since the failed attack on the Maycaws when Ender had sent Hilly out again to try and locate the new colony. Misha wanted to go with her, but Hilly assured her that she would be able to find it on her own.
    Ender himself was not doing so well. For the first few days after Hilly left he was incredibly drowsy and no one knew why, because he got plenty of sleep at night. One time Phoebe found him asleep at the chemistry table in the middle of an experiment, a Bunsen burner still running. She switched it off for him, because he showed no sign of being able to wake up.
    After that he was in working order again, except he began to suffer activity-induced paralysis and weakness. If he ever ended up running, he would drop to the floor after a few seconds. The simple workaround he made for this was to not do anything too physically demanding, but he was scared for his life; the paralysis and weakness was always occurr
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Caught! by Thesnakerox Caught! :iconthesnakerox:Thesnakerox 3 0 MonstercatBall - Get On Up (BTS) by Thesnakerox MonstercatBall - Get On Up (BTS) :iconthesnakerox:Thesnakerox 8 0
#SaveMillyFromTheMaycaw - Chapter 4
    “Weapon system unarmed. Hangar ceiling opening. Target coordinates loaded. GPS tracking active.” Ender was in the pilot’s seat, and he had just finished all of the preflight checks.
    Sunlight started to leak into the airplane hangar, blinding the five people inside. Ender’s plane was loaded, fueled, and ready to go. Eight missiles were attached to the wings, and the bomb bay was full of Hexagon soldiers.
    “Engines starting.”
    The engines suddenly fired up with a loud roaring and the jet streams kicked dust up in the hanger.
    “Phew. Thank goodness all the loose articles are always secured. Alright, throttling up…and we’re off!”
    The plane rose out of the hanger and the bay doors closed behind it. Ender flicked a few switches on the control panel, and the engines on the plane rotated into the horizontal position. A few sw
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Polandball - Murica Stronkest by Thesnakerox Polandball - Murica Stronkest :iconthesnakerox:Thesnakerox 0 0 WAAAY LATE by Thesnakerox WAAAY LATE :iconthesnakerox:Thesnakerox 3 2 Whut by Thesnakerox Whut :iconthesnakerox:Thesnakerox 4 5
#SaveMillyFromTheMaycaw - Chapter 3
            Phoebe lay in her bed and stared at the ceiling. She thought to herself about what would happen when she would be found out. She knew it would be inevitable. Ender was a lot more clever than she gave him credit for.
            …and how would the others react? she thought to herself. I know Ender would want to kill me…probably Milly too, if they find out after she’s back. And Aileen…I know she views me as a really good friend. Would she want me to die too?
            Phoebe sat up, shook her head, and sighed. I guess if they do choose to kill me, it’s what I deserve. I should have just told them outright when Milly was captured. Maybe they would have been a bit less hard on me then.
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Hilly by Thesnakerox Hilly :iconthesnakerox:Thesnakerox 1 1
#SaveMillyFromTheMaycaw - Chapter 2
It had been about a week since Ender assigned positions to his friends. Hilly was searching for the colony, Misha was working on gathering and designing medical equipment, Aileen was training her Hexagon soldiers, Phoebe was continuing to study the Maycaws, and Ender was in the chemistry lab watching over a distillation apparatus.
He was looking into a way to make a banana essence that was more highly concentrated than any other one that he had designed. He was hoping that only a few drops could be enough to protect an entire building from the Maycaws.
To achieve this he had put some banana slices in a flask with water, then he distilled it. Once all the water was gone, he put the distillate back in the flask. The hope here was to leach the scent and other chemicals out with the repeated distillation. So far it was working; the 500 milliliters of essence was starting to make the entire lab smell like bananas.
Once he was certain that the essence was as concentrated as it could be, he t
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Cardia by Thesnakerox Cardia :iconthesnakerox:Thesnakerox 4 3


Blue by Thyroxin-e Blue :iconthyroxin-e:Thyroxin-e 4 0 TC: Brutally Honest Hoodie by Cranberryduceus TC: Brutally Honest Hoodie :iconcranberryduceus:Cranberryduceus 21 3 Lily by NicoLin Lily :iconnicolin:NicoLin 9 2 Warmth by Thyroxin-e Warmth :iconthyroxin-e:Thyroxin-e 8 0 RWBY - Nicotine by Cranberryduceus RWBY - Nicotine :iconcranberryduceus:Cranberryduceus 61 27 Livestream requests- Set 1 by Milizapiainc Livestream requests- Set 1 :iconmilizapiainc:Milizapiainc 11 3 Rotten Papyrus [Lazy Town + Undertale] by fluffySlipper Rotten Papyrus [Lazy Town + Undertale] :iconfluffyslipper:fluffySlipper 1,154 175 ! by Thyroxin-e ! :iconthyroxin-e:Thyroxin-e 7 0 (Inktober week 1) CHIBI BATTLEBOTS by lushan (Inktober week 1) CHIBI BATTLEBOTS :iconlushan:lushan 12 5 Faded by Thyroxin-e Faded :iconthyroxin-e:Thyroxin-e 2 0 winter by Thyroxin-e winter :iconthyroxin-e:Thyroxin-e 13 5 Taeguk Halloween by LZGaMeR Taeguk Halloween :iconlzgamer:LZGaMeR 3 0 No response(comic) by Koumi-senpai No response(comic) :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 662 82 oh, just sing me to sleep, now by Thyroxin-e oh, just sing me to sleep, now :iconthyroxin-e:Thyroxin-e 3 0 very inaccurate self portrait by Thyroxin-e very inaccurate self portrait :iconthyroxin-e:Thyroxin-e 7 3 a song by Thyroxin-e a song :iconthyroxin-e:Thyroxin-e 8 0


This is my first time critiquing something, so here goes… This is really well-drawn. I have tried for a few months to make something li...


Alright guys, it's not as bad as I originally thought. I'm still really worried, but I think I can keep going with life as normal.
I just received some very...serious news. I'll update you if I can.
There was a lot of wind this morning and it scared the hell out of me. I was literally like "What's going on outside, a hurricane?!"
For anyone who knows me on Skype, I have made a permanent move to Discord. Join my group here:
Also, if you want to talk to me you're probably gonna find me there regularly!
I rarely post about my YouTube channel, but recently we just hit 2000 subs! There'll definitely be a livestream later this week. Stay tuned!

I have a full-length WIP version of a song that's not coming out for a while
This is one of very few places where you'll find it…

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